After Gustav now Hanna, Ike, Josephine …

Now, after Gustav had not hit New Orleans as badly as Katrina three years ago, oil prices are dropping, the Dollar is soaring, and US Republicans can eventually celebrate Senator John McCain. At least Gustav prevented President G. W. Bush effectively from attending the nomination convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

But new clouds are seen at the horizon (and it is not McCain’s more and more questionable running mate in his election campaign). After Gustav, Hanna is already the next hurricane, this time threatening the Sunshine State. And Ike and Josephine are already forming on the Atlantic Ocean. Another terrible hurricane season. It’s again, after 2005, kind of gigantic pool billiard.

Gustav has killed about about 15 people in the US. Of course, this is mainly due to the wise decision of its mayor and authorities to evacuate the city. But is anybody thinking of almost a hundred people who had lost their lifes in the Caribbean? Or of the hundreds of thousand stranded people in flooded northeastern India who are desperately waiting for help after the disaster of a burst of the Kosi River in Bihar? And don’t know where to go?

First published at Salmiya.

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