Not Embedded

When I recently wrote about the scandal of embedded journalism in war regions, I unintentionally missed to mention a man whose consistently informative reports from Tehran on his blog I read with increasing interest, especially when planning and organizing my next trip to Iran. Martin Ebbing has died two days ago after a massive heart attack and an emergency evacuation to a hospital in Berlin. I can only offer my sincerest condolences to his wife, the photographer Zoreh Soleimani, and his two sons who I have never met.

Mr. Ebbing’s appraisal of Iran’s controversial nuclear program, his careful analyses of difficult to perceive day-by-day politics in Iran, his reportages about provincial life in Iran, and his continuous fight for human rights in a country where freedom of expression is not at all safeguarded I always saluted. He really loved the people in this enigmatic country with its millennia-old history and that makes the difference.

Thank you, Martin Ebbing, for your commitment, your dedication, and service for us who are interested in the people of Iran and other countries in the Middle East.

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