“The Nuclear Expert …

… who never was.” Scott Ritter, former United Nations weapons inspector, gave Iranian State funded presstv, its English language television network, an interview in which he claimed that the “… truth about the Iranian nuclear program [will] prevail[ing] over the fictions of David Albright and others … .” Albright had recently analyzed Iran’s capabilities of producing 20% enriched uranium. The head of the Washington-based Institute of Science and International Security is known for his duly analyses of emerging news from nuclear Iran and other countries suspect of their illicit nuclear programs.

Ritter’s tirades on Albright are a continuation of his 2008 article “The nuclear expert who never was” at truthdig.com where he heavily questioned Albright’s credentials. I certainly understand that Ritter foresees a dangerous diplomatic development after Iran’s announcement of being capable of enriching uranium beyond 20%, but presstv is not really the right address where Ritter, who has been the chief UN inspector in Iraq from 1991 till 1998 and who is undoubtedly an expert in nuclear non-proliferation issues, should discuss Iran’s intentions and, in particular, Albright’s competences.

Iran has definitely stepped across an important red line. In the ever ongoing nuclear chess game between Iran and the West, the Obama administration’s unrealistic proposal (and demand) of fuel swap to Russia and France has resulted in Iran’s decision of trumpeting its next steps; a diplomatic disaster.

Last update February 12, 2010.

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