Harry Lime – Robert Courtney – Peter Stadtmann

UPDATE 17 August 2019 below.

On Friday, a District Court in Germany has sentenced Peter Stadtmann to 12 years in jail for tampering and adulterating life-saving and -prolonging cancer preparations in more than 14,000 cases.

Accessory prosecution attorney Andreas Schulz from Berlin has rightly put Stadtmann’s crimes in line with those of two previous evildoers, a fictional and a real one. Schulz pointed out in his final speech of the prosecution in particular startling analogies of the two real cases, Robert Courtney and Peter Stadtmann. Courtney, a pharmacist from Kansas City, had been sentenced in 2002 to 30 years in federal prison without parole after he had pleaded guilty and apologized to his thousands of victims.

Throughout the trial, which had commenced in November 2017, Stadtmann did not plead guilty or even tried to explain his motivation. He did not utter a single word in the court room (except that he would not utter a word when asked by the judge for a final say). Trusting that murder without a body cannot be proven anyway, he and his four defense counsels’ strategy ultimately failed, though.

Greed was assumed by all; the prosecutor, accessory prosecution, chamber and chief judge, as well as the public. Stadtmann may tell a different version of his story. As victims demand, Just go ahead and tell.

8 July 2018 @ 6:16 pm.

UPDATE August 17, 2019. The judgment and its reasons can now, after more than a year, found here. All parties have appealed and called for revision at the Federal High Court of Justice where a decision is pending. So, the verdict is still not final.


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