To Be Ratified

See update below.

The draft proposal of the swap deal with Iran for sending its 3.5% low-enriched uranium (LEU) to Turkey in exchange for 20% enriched uranium below as presented in a press conference in Tehran today.

“Having met in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran, the undersigned have agreed on the following declaration:

1. We reaffirm our commitment to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and in accordance with the related articles of the NPT, recall the right of all State Parties, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, to develop research, production and use of nuclear energy (as well as nuclear fuel cycle including enrichment activities) for peaceful purposes without discrimination.

2. We express our strong conviction that we have the opportunity now to begin a forward looking process that will create a positive, constructive, non-confrontational atmosphere leading to an era of interaction and cooperation.

3. We believe that the nuclear fuel exchange is instrumental in initiating cooperation in different areas, especially with regard to peaceful nuclear cooperation including nuclear power plant and research reactors construction.

4. Based on this point the nuclear fuel exchange is a starting point to begin cooperation and a positive constructive move forward among nations. Such a move should lead to positive interaction and cooperation in the field of peaceful nuclear activities replacing and avoiding all kinds of confrontation through refraining from measures, actions and rhetorical statements that would jeopardize Iran’s rights and obligations under the NPT.

5. Based on the above, in order to facilitate the nuclear cooperation mentioned above, the Islamic Republic of Iran agrees to deposit 1200 kg LEU in Turkey. While in Turkey this LEU will continue to be the property of Iran. Iran and the IAEA may station observers to monitor the safekeeping of the LEU in Turkey.

6. Iran will notify the IAEA in writing through official channels of its agreement with the above within seven days following the date of this declaration. Upon the positive response of the Vienna Group (US, Russia, France and the IAEA) further details of the exchange will be elaborated through a written agreement and proper arrangement between Iran and the Vienna Group that specifically committed themselves to deliver 120 kg of fuel needed for the Tehran Research Reactor (TRR).

7. When the Vienna Group declares its commitment to this provision, then both parties would commit themselves to the implemention of the agreement mentioned in item 6. Islamic Republic of Iran expressed its readiness to deposit its LEU (1200 kg) within one month. On the basis of the same agreement the Vienna Group should deliver 120 kg fuel required for TRR in no later than one year.

8. In case the provisions of this Declaration are not respected Turkey, upon the request of Iran, will return swiftly and unconditionally Iran’s LEU to Iran.

9. We welcome the decision of the Islamic Republic of Iran to continue as in the past their talks with the 5+1 countries in Turkey on the common concerns based on collective commitments according to the common points of their proposals.

10. Turkey and Brazil appreciated Iran’s commitment to the NPT and its constructive role in pursuing the realization of nuclear rights of its member states. The Islamic Republic of Iran likewise appreciated the constructive efforts of the friendly countries Turkey and Brazil in creating the conducive environment for realization of Iran’s nuclear rights.”

The deal mentions 1200 kg LEU, not 2000 kg as has been demanded recently from the United States given the fact that the original proposal was of October 2009 and Iran has since then constantly produced LEU and may right now possess about 2400 kg.


Update May 17, 2010: The White House has responded to the deal today. It is obvious that the U.S. acknowledge the diplomatic efforts of UN Security Council temporary members Brazil and Turkey but remain highly skeptical and even concerned unless the deal has been reviewed by the International Atomic Energy Agency. The White House has also noticed that Iranian officials have emphasized today that the country will continue enriching uranium up to 20% despite the deal. This obviously does make sense only if Iran wants to demand its LEU deposit back from Turkey. It is hoped that the  revival of the already dead swap deal is not being torpedoed by special interest groups.


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6 Responses to To Be Ratified

  1. Dingele says:

    Want to see, how USA and Israel finds a way out of this desaster *g* 😉

  2. Fahad says:

    Hi Dingele,

    I suppose Lula and Erdogan act in agreement with Obama and his administration who have created such a mess with their first proposal. Iran has always been open and positive for a fair and predictable swap.

    Of course, Israel may be alienated, but so what?


  3. Dingele says:

    Hi Fahad,
    I didn’t think about Obama and his administration. I thought about all the frustrated “patriotic” guys in the corners. I tought about all the cons who told everytime the agressivity of the iranian republic and all the sh… like that.
    Also i wait for a comment from J.Joffe and others.

    And i like to see how israel reacts.
    I know, its not really important. For me its just like a soap.
    Entertainment, not more.

    When i take a look to our german government, i see the same BS like ever. The speaker told now, the government doesn’t know exactly the agreement and is not able to make a statement. I think, you should send a link to Angela Merkel. Otherwise she is waits for a statement from Israel to make no mistake.

    Anyway, its a good day.

    Have a nice day


  4. Fahad says:

    How that deal all of the sudden could emerge is still rather cryptic. Juan Cole sounds a note of caution:

    In the past, most international agreements have been invalidated by Iran shortly after they had been achieved.

  5. Dingele says:

    You know, i`m an optimist.
    I think, this agreement is just a trial. My believe is it, that if both side are straight enough to handle this agreement in a smooth way, it can be a basis for futher agreements.
    But, no one knows whats going on behind the wallpaper

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