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Climate Change is a Fact

That the currently observed climate change is man-made is still disputed, in particular by president Trump who calls global warming “weather.” Scientists are not denying that Earth is undergoing glacial periods for billions of years, and the development and spread … Continue reading

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Hurricane Season

In my last post on the Great American Eclipse on 21 August, the impressive gif of the moon’s shadow crossing the entire United States, hurricane Harvey was already lurking approaching the Yucatán peninsula. The devastation in Texas might be a … Continue reading

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Panting for Air

NASA has computer-modeled and visualized global carbon dioxide emissions in 2006 and their swirling in weather systems. What is amazing is that most is seen in the northern hemisphere, and Africa mostly being spared. Global warming will effect the lost … Continue reading

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Earth Wind Map

Amazing Earth wind maps by earth.nullschool.net may be useful for getting an idea about forcast winter storms affecting central and northern Europe during the upcoming Christmas days. Data by the National Weather Service’s National Centers for Environmental Prediction’s Environmental Modeling … Continue reading

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Breathing Earth

The alarming news in this animated gif (just click on the pictures to the left) is that, “Measurements from ESA’s [European Space Agency] Envisat mission and Japan’s Greenhouse gases Observing Satellite, GOSAT, show that carbon dioxide increased by about 0.5% … Continue reading

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