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A Capitulation

Whether the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei will ever give his blessing to the compromise reached in today’s early hours in Geneva with its factual far-reaching retrenchment of Iran’s nuclear program is seriously doubted. What actually has been negotiated by … Continue reading

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Netanyahu Knows of What He Speaks

In an interview with BBC Persian TV about his arch enemy, Israels Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims that Iran only needs to enrich uranium if it wants to use it in a nuclear weapon. Well, Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Germany, … Continue reading

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Stretching Its Mandate to the Limit

In further distracting attention from Iran’s obligations as regards its nuclear program, the recent attempt by Herman Naeckerts and his IAEA team of negotiators to gain access to the Parchin military complex 30 km southeast of Tehran just failed again, … Continue reading

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Mocking the IAEA, ISIS

Well, what’s missing in the latest satellite image of the “suspected high explosives test building” at the military site Parchin east of Tehran is actually a nice bow. The building, now covered with pink material, definitely looks like a gift … Continue reading

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Merkel’s Reason of State

When Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel claimed in March 2008 to the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, that the protection of Israel’s right to exist is part of Germany’s raison d’état (“Die[se] historische Verantwortung Deutschlands ist Teil der Staatsräson meines Landes. Das heißt, … Continue reading

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