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Netanyahu Knows of What He Speaks

In an interview with BBC Persian TV about his arch enemy, Israels Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims that Iran only needs to enrich uranium if it wants to use it in a nuclear weapon. Well, Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Germany, … Continue reading

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Necessary Concessions by Iran in Negotiations

Usual suspect David Albright, founder and president of ISIS, the Washington-based think tank Institute of Science and International Security, has been testified against Iran before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on “Reversing Iran’s Nuclear Program: Understanding Iran’s Nuclear Program and … Continue reading

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After Baghdad – What Next?

That the two-day meeting of E3+3 with an Iranian delegation in Baghdad over the latter’s nuclear program has de facto been adjourned to be continued in Moscow on June 18 is probably the only outcome which may prevent the whole … Continue reading

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Confidence Building

It might be a paradox when Iran’s announcement of having inserted the first self-fabricated fuel rod for the US-built 40-plus-year-old Tehran Research Reactor (which is supposed to produce nothing but  isotopes for medical purposes) must be considered a confidence building … Continue reading

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Over Again?

When basiji “students” stormed the British Embassy in Tehran yesterday one first recalls events in November 1979 when students took 55 American diplomates and Embassy employees hostage for an incredible 444 days. Those days cemented the decade-long hostilities between the … Continue reading

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