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Eric A. Brill’s Arguments

I have foretold the final result of last year’s presidential election in Iran already early in May 2009. I wrote at that time, “Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei can’t help but only endorse ‘his’ president Ahmadinejad. And when he is going to … Continue reading

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Clearing the Way

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s public humiliation of ‘re-elected’ President Ahmadinejad by sending a handwritten note that the pick of Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie as his first vice president is ‘null and void’ makes an impact. Ahmadinejad’s cabinet rapidly decays. Iranian media report … Continue reading

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Mr. Biden’s Green Light?

Exactly one year ago, in July 2008, former President G. W. Bush had more or less encouraged Israel for going ahead with its preparations of a military strike against Iran in order to stop Tehran’s assumed illicit nuclear weapons program. It … Continue reading

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Benford’s Law

Astronomer Boudewijn F. Roukema at the Centre for Astronomy of Nicolaus Copernicus University Torun in Poland has launched an analysis of vote counts of 366 voting areas, which had been published by the Iranian Ministry of Interior, and has applied … Continue reading

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Somewhat hidden on Iranian government-funded presstv’s webpage you may find this Monday’s sensation. Ten or 13 killed demonstrators on Tehran’s streets, among them 19-year-old Neda, whose shocking death millions around the world have watched in an extremely graphic video, have possibly not … Continue reading

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