Another Expat’s View

Expats’ views are different. I have noticed that new sensibilities and sensitivities may emerge after emigration. That will undoubtedly lead to an increased awareness of bad conditions here and elsewhere. Having recently moved from one extreme to another my main sympathies are still with the former, i.e., the people and cultures of the countries in the Middle East.

As a critical observer I developed a more global perspective in the meantime. While having been writing about adventures and experiences, social contacts, friends and people in the Middle East elsewhere I soon discovered a profound interest in the strange situation of a superpower apparently threatening a non-democratic regime with sanctions and war while nurturing other autocracies in the region as its strong allies. Having lived for six years more or less in the focus of the ‘war against terrorism’ after 9-11, my deep sympathy is, of course, with the innocent ‘normal’ people and their daily struggles for a decent life. Their life is not easy and not easy to change. While sanctions, for example, are widely seen in the West as appropriate means for disciplining rogue regimes, they may have disastrous effects on the people who have to live in countries allegedly belonging to the ‘axis of evil’.

Thus, the main purpose of this enterprise here is documenting how the constant flood of news from agencies, print media, online forums, blogs etc. may affect my views on the difficult situation especially in the Islamic countries which is profoundly affected by experience, intercultural competence and certain knowledge about the mentality, sensitivities and sensibilities of the people.

Last revised November 14, 2012.

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