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An Angry and Uninformed Obama

As Juan Cole has pointed out, President Obama seems not to be aware of the likely real motives of Omar Mateen, who had killed at least 49 guests of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando last weekend, when mentioning “self-radicalization on … Continue reading

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“We Have Absolutely Nothing Invested in Him Remaining in Power”

According to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Syria’s President Bashar Al-Assad has lost legitimacy and “is not indispensable”. Clinton’s angry remarks came after French and US American Embassies in Damascus had been attacked by loyal to the regime thugs yesterday. Well,  as … Continue reading

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Just Moving On

But where? Hillary Clinton has denied further ambitions for a second term of President Barack Obama or presidency in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer yesterday. So, she knows that Obama is a one-term president (as the other Nobel laureate … Continue reading

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Peace Brokers or Megalomaniacs

Highly ineffectual, well, disingenuous, efforts by U.S. President Barack Obama and his administration of engaging Iran even before its disputed presidential election of June 2009 have been seen for some time with growing concern. Iranians were in fact well advised … Continue reading

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Rogue Regimes

Yesterday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner specifically named eight high-ranked individuals, who belong to the inner circle of the regime in Iran, as responsible for human right violations such as beatings, killings and … Continue reading

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