An Angry and Uninformed Obama

As Juan Cole has pointed out, President Obama seems not to be aware of the likely real motives of Omar Mateen, who had killed at least 49 guests of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando last weekend, when mentioning “self-radicalization on the internet”. This hateful man now appears having been first and foremost self-hating. A “closeted gay man” and frequent visitor of the gay nightclub himself. Rather than addressing GOP’s likely presidential candidate Donald Trumps usual rants (“Where does this stop?”), it would have been more appropriate to publicly rectify that is wasn’t self-radicalization, ISIS, not even terrorism, but probably sad personal motives and baseless self-hate of a confused young Muslim man who could not accept his own sexual orientation. Facilitated by dangerous American gun politics (“Second Amendment”).

Where does this stop? Well, the still sitting president and Nobel laureate of 2009 should have a lower profile, really. Obama has escalated a drone war to an extent nobody could ever imagine. He once joked, “Turns out, I’m really good at killing people.” In a constitutional democracy that would have prompted prosecutor investigation. He should have asked himself, “Where does that stop?” Sad conclusion, that won’t stop, neither with Trump or Clinton, rather the opposite.

16 June 2016 @ 7:15 am.

Last modified June 16, 2016.


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