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A Government Assessment

You may or may not believe Gareth Porter’s claim that, on 30 August, President Obama has made public his own assessment (“with high confidence”) of what has happened in Damascus on 21 August in order to convince the public that … Continue reading

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Desperate About Iran

There is no new NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) by US American intelligence agencies on Iran and its nuclear program. What Ehud Barak, Israel’s Defense Minister, once again tries these days to, well, misinform the public about a new situation,  looks … Continue reading

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Rather Reading Reviews (on Decision Points)

Well, I’m glad that I resisted (yet). True, reading Decision Points by George W. Bush might have been a revelation on how the former number one world politician did and still does lie. Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder had already rebutted … Continue reading

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On the Road

  U.S. House Resolution 1553, to which about one third of House Republicans have signed on, would in fact give Israel a green light for striking Iran’s nuclear facilities. Repeating ad nauseam perceived threats by Iran and, in particular its … Continue reading

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Bullying Iran

See update below. When recently presenting the United States’ new nuclear strategy, largely narrowing the potential use of nuclear weapons, two exceptions were explicitly named by President Obama: ‘outliers’ North Korea and Iran. The former had left the Nuclear Non-proliferation … Continue reading

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