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Praying and Fasting in Northern Norway

These days I have met several non-Muslims who wonder how Muslims pray and fast during the holy month of Ramadan when living beyond the Arctic Circle. Two years ago, SaudiAramco World had published an article about the pretty large Muslim … Continue reading

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Ramadan Kareem!

Extreme heat hit the Middle East today, first day of the holy month of Ramadan. With an incredible 126.3 degrees Fahrenheit (52.4 degrees Celsius), Omidiyeh in Khuzestan in Iran was the hottest spot on Earth. With 123.3 F (50.7 C), Abdaly … Continue reading

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Ramadan in Afghanistan

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised that the circumstances under which 125 people, many of them civilians (in fact 70), were killed in a NATO air strike last week near Kunduz in northern Afghanistan will be scrutinized carefully. The German Colonel … Continue reading

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No Mercy

I know that I was always very privileged when living in the country. My Ramadans were usually nice times full of interesting discussions about religious matters and in general plenty of opportunities for widening my horizon. However, the easy-going times … Continue reading

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A Tough Week Ahead

Ramadan is coming to an end soon. In Iran and some Arab countries, on the last Friday of the Holy Month, the so-called International Quds Day sees anti-Zionist demonstrations opposing Israel’s control of Jerusalem (Quds). Especially in Iran, where the … Continue reading

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