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I was a bit in doubt which Art Bears’ song I should post when I read that Afghan President Hamid Karzai asked/ordered American withdrawal from his country today. Maybe this one? One of my all-time favorites. A lost war. A … Continue reading

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The Revenge Effect

In a previous post, I have featured a widely published diagram which had obviously been created for enlightening its attentive viewers in the incredibly complicated situation in the war on terror in Afghanistan 9 years after 9/11. I have referred … Continue reading

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Bad Kunduz

  Until recently the Germans called Kunduz in the northeast of Afghanistan a spa (“Bad Kunduz”). The war was not called a war and partying in the camp common. Much has changed after two petrol road tankers had been hijacked … Continue reading

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Ramadan in Afghanistan

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised that the circumstances under which 125 people, many of them civilians (in fact 70), were killed in a NATO air strike last week near Kunduz in northern Afghanistan will be scrutinized carefully. The German Colonel … Continue reading

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