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Inappropriate Comparisons

When Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu maundered the other day in a CNN interview, apparently nervous, about “telegenic dead Palestinians” for the cause of Hamas in the current ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza, any reasonable friend of the State of … Continue reading

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Netanyahu Knows of What He Speaks

In an interview with BBC Persian TV about his arch enemy, Israels Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims that Iran only needs to enrich uranium if it wants to use it in a nuclear weapon. Well, Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Germany, … Continue reading

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Pillar of Defense

Noam Chomsky, who had been visiting Tromsø University in September this year, managed a couple of weeks ago to enter Gaza, where he attended a linguistic conference at the Islamic University, for the first time in his life. He had … Continue reading

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Ig Noble Prize

The world is eagerly awaiting this year’s decision of Oslo’s Peace Nobel Prize Committee, chaired by Norway’s former Prime Minister Thorbjørn Jagland. While last year’s choice, Chinese human rights activist, literary critic, writer, and academic, dissident Liu Xiaobo was very much … Continue reading

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Palestine Demilitarized

  When Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu got standing ovations in almost gone-wild U.S. Congress last night, one might actually wonder what he actually meant by proposing his Two State solution by stating, “So it is therefore absolutely vital for … Continue reading

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