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What Kind of Damage?

CBS reports that the U.S. intelligence community is split over the possibility of granting NSA total surveillance whistle-blower Edward Snowden amnesty after it has realized that just one per cent of the whole material (another 1.5 million classified documents) has … Continue reading

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A Government Assessment

You may or may not believe Gareth Porter’s claim that, on 30 August, President Obama has made public his own assessment (“with high confidence”) of what has happened in Damascus on 21 August in order to convince the public that … Continue reading

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Plausible Deniability

Der Spiegel reporter Marcel Rosenbach has entertained today in German TV presseclub “plausible deniability”, a common strategy when government officials need to lie and deceit when held accountable for their unconstitutional acts by  lawmakers and the public. One outrageous example … Continue reading

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