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What Has Happened to These Boys?

I had taken this picture in early 2007 on our walk down from Kawkaban (at almost 3000 m) to Shibam (the other one, not that in the Hadhramaut). Yemen was my last travel destination when living in the Middle East. … Continue reading

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Bahrainization of Kuwait

Update (October 21) below. Has the Arab Spring eventually arrived in Kuwait? Well, not really. The current ongoing and longstanding parliamentary crisis won’t lead to more democracy in the autocratically ruled, oil-rich, tiny emirate. It’s not based on popular movements, … Continue reading

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Two-and-a-half Million

WikiLeak’s latest scoop, the announced publication of nearly 2.5 Mio emails from Syrian political figures, comes unfortunately too late, I am afraid. The platform again chose to closely collaborate with a number of news outlets, Al Akhbar in Lebanon, Al … Continue reading

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Finally Another Coup

Well, it was actually long anticipated. Today, Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court has waived results of parliamentary elections (28 November 2011 till 11 January 2012), dissolved the Parliament with its Islamist/Muslim Brotherhood majority and approved presidential candidacy of former and last … Continue reading

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The Silence of the Obama Administration

That U.S. President Obama has reinforced new sanctions on Iran following more than dubious revelations by the IAEA on its nuclear program but doesn’t find words on the new violence in Cairo, where protests reach a level reminding us of the … Continue reading

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