The Silence of the Obama Administration

That U.S. President Obama has reinforced new sanctions on Iran following more than dubious revelations by the IAEA on its nuclear program but doesn’t find words on the new violence in Cairo, where protests reach a level reminding us of the events in January when millions eventually chased away dictator Hosni Mubarak, tells volumes. That a revolution would need a re-launch, a sort of Revolution 2.0, is historically a novelty. Obama might have hoped that the prolonged parliamentary elections which were scheduled to begin next week would buy him sufficient time while presidential elections would be largely postponed in order to find the proper candidate. He has, again, underestimated the seriousness of the Egyptian people. My ass.

If we had not known before, Obama’s Middle East policy is a real mess. That Yemen’s Saleh can no longer be kept seems to be clear to him at least today. Bahrain’s regime falters after a special investigative report authorized by the rulers has concluded that authorities used torture and excessive force against detainees arrested during uprisings since March. Thirty-five people have been killed. Iran did not meddle which is important. In Qatif in East Saudi Arabia’s eastern province three Shi’ite protesters were killed by police the other day. Time to develop a new strategy, no?

Last modified November 23, 2011.

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