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Understanding the Iranians

President Barack Obama proudly informed us that he had a phone call with his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani yesterday. It seems as if the two are becoming friendly. An earlier attempt of quoting Iranian poet Sa’adi (d. 1291 or 1292) … Continue reading

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No Democracy

American/Iranian Hooman Majd is a busy traveler between East and West, apparently highly treasured in both realms. He is a prolific and, admittedly, most talented author/journalist/writer (probably sort of ‘journalism’ being only one of his many talents) who has been writing, … Continue reading

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The Green Movement One Year Later

Iranian-American writer Hooman Majd has written a critical appraisal of the so-called Green Movement in Iran one year after the disputed presidential election. I agree with many of his claims, in particular his denial of a quasi-revolution comprising a serious … Continue reading

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Business As Usual in Tehran

When having specifically asked after the presidential election of June 12, I have been more or less discouraged by colleagues several times to visit Iran. The situation has been described as not really stable, in particular on highly symbolic days … Continue reading

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Begs to Differ

Hooman Majd. The Ayatollah Begs to Differ. Doubleday, New York 2008, 271 pages. Pointing every now and then at THE DIFFERENCE in our cultures and civilizations is a necessity. Realizing the differences is a first and necessary step in trying to … Continue reading

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