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How Finkelstein Broke the Trauma Bond?

  Finkelstein is not just a public intellectual, however: there is something too explosive about the subjects he writes about for that category to completely contain him. He acts out a role that is Grecian in its cosmopolitanism, Abrahamic in … Continue reading

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Revisionist Rewriting of 9th Century Arabic Enlightenment

The self-proclamation of a terrorist organization as new “Islamic State” and “caliphate” led by an individual who has changed his name to al-Baghdadi has not been met with general enthusiasm or sympathy in the Islamic world, not even in Salafi … Continue reading

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No Place To Hide

At the outset of his new book, Glenn Greenwald quotes Senator Frank Church’s 1975 statement, who was critically assessing intelligence activities in the U.S., “The United States government has perfected a technological capability that enables us to monitor the message … Continue reading

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Manufactured Evidence

The new book by true investigative journalist Gareth Porter, Manufactured Crisis, summarizes the decade-long deception of the public about the nature of Iran’s nuclear program. It is not real news that the United States, Israel and the Iranian terrorist organization … Continue reading

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Master John and Brother James

I have to admit that, after the media hype about Reza Aslan’s Jesus biography (in particular after he was interviewed by Fox News’ Lauren Green), only then I became curious of Zealot – The life and times of Jesus of … Continue reading

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