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Revisionist Rewriting of 9th Century Arabic Enlightenment

The self-proclamation of a terrorist organization as new “Islamic State” and “caliphate” led by an individual who has changed his name to al-Baghdadi has not been met with general enthusiasm or sympathy in the Islamic world, not even in Salafi … Continue reading

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Depiction of the Prophet Muhammad Under Mongolian Occupation

A hardly deniable cultural and, in particular, intellectual decline in the Islamic World began when, in 1258 CE, Baghdad had been sacked by the Mongolian Emperor Hülegü Khan (d. 1265), grandson of Chengis Khan. Hülegü was the brother of Möngke Khan … Continue reading

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Climate Change has been Changing the World

The 2013 report by the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) and a summary of the huge volume can be found here. It is possible that the rise and fall of huge empires during the past thousand or two thousand … Continue reading

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