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Solidarité – But Not With Hollande

While thoughts are with and prayers for mass murder victims, survivors and surviving loved-ones of the second Islamist terrorist attack on Paris this year, concern must be expressed as regards French president François Hollande’s claim of a “war declaration” by … Continue reading

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Public Apathy May Enable Leaders to Ignore Voters

What actually had happened on September 4, 2009 near Kunduz in Afghanistan, and when and how the German Government, lawmakers and the public were informed about the numerous civilian casualties after bombarding the two fuel tanks which had been hijacked by Taliban … Continue reading

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The Anointed

The messianic demeanor of the presidential hopeful Barack Obama in his “The World that Stands as One” at Berlin’s Victory Column in July 2008 in front of a crowd of 200’000 rejoicing Germans had been criticized both in the US as … Continue reading

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Better Off If the Europeans Had Never Got Involved

In a SPIEGEL ONLINE interview today, Jeremy Shapiro, Director of Research at the Center on the US and Europe at Brookings Institution in Washington, DC, mentions that the Unites States would have been better off if the Europeans had never … Continue reading

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Mobile Phone?

Dutch Army Sergeant Major Jan, 2nd Platoon, E-company, Battle Group-7, Task Force Uruzgan, talks to an Afghan village elder about the needs of his community. Jan also discussed the importance of Afghan people getting involved with local government to improve … Continue reading

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