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Trump Doesn’t Know What His Troops are Doing in Niger

“He knew what he signed up for” were reportedly president Donald Trump’s words when offering his condolences to Sgt Johnson’s wife in the car, after her husband had died in an ambush in Niger, together with Staff Sergeants Bryan Black, … Continue reading

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The Lost Decade

Where have I been ten years ago? Well, I don’t know. Ten years ago, Ahmad Shah Masoud, the leader of the Northern Alliance, had been assassinated by al Qaeda, but I have learned about that critical event long time after … Continue reading

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Public Apathy May Enable Leaders to Ignore Voters

What actually had happened on September 4, 2009 near Kunduz in Afghanistan, and when and how the German Government, lawmakers and the public were informed about the numerous civilian casualties after bombarding the two fuel tanks which had been hijacked by Taliban … Continue reading

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Mobile Phone?

Dutch Army Sergeant Major Jan, 2nd Platoon, E-company, Battle Group-7, Task Force Uruzgan, talks to an Afghan village elder about the needs of his community. Jan also discussed the importance of Afghan people getting involved with local government to improve … Continue reading

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