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Annexation of Crimea by Russia has been compared with that of the West Bank by Israel today. Well, I had in mind the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq’s Saddam Hussein in 1990. While the West is still ignoring the decades-long … Continue reading

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Does Putin Now Determine U.S. Foreign Policy?

In a remarkable op-ed today in the New York Times, Russian President Vladimir Putin made his American counterpart look like a fool. When Obama needlessly addressed the nation the other day explaining that a military strike on Syria is only … Continue reading

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The Snowden-Greenwald Affair

Update below. While NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has got stuck in the transit area of a Moscow airport for the fourth week, the man who broke his story, Guardian’s blogger Glenn Greenwald, arranges for constant publicity about the material Snowden … Continue reading

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As Odd as it May Sound

Update below. Update II “There is one condition if he wants to remain here: he must stop his work aimed at damaging our American partners. As odd as it may sound from me,” Vladimir Putin told journalists at a media … Continue reading

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