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Dissatisfied, Incompetent, Socially Retarded

When Prince Harry now mentions that he had killed 25 Afghan fighters when in the country at the tender age of 23, I remember what I wrote about him in 2008. The Testosterone Factor March 03, 2008 This morning I … Continue reading

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No Moral Center

A couple of days before Inauguration Day for Barack Obama’s second term, Noam Chomsky had a damning indictment for the President. As  a “man without a moral center,” he characterized him in an interview with Al Jazeera. Inauguration will be … Continue reading

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Rather Reading Reviews (on Decision Points)

Well, I’m glad that I resisted (yet). True, reading Decision Points by George W. Bush might have been a revelation on how the former number one world politician did and still does lie. Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder had already rebutted … Continue reading

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