No Moral Center


A couple of days before Inauguration Day for Barack Obama’s second term, Noam Chomsky had a damning indictment for the President. As  a “man without a moral center,” he characterized him in an interview with Al Jazeera. Inauguration will be on Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday this year, commemorating the birthday of a true Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Chomsky is only one of thousands or millions of intellectuals who are bitterly disappointed about the former beacon of hope.

“If you look at his policies I think that’s [no moral center] what they reveal. I mean there’s some nice rhetoric here and there but when you look at the actual policies … the drone assassination campaign is a perfectly good example, I mean it’s just a global assassination campaign.” (Emphasis added.)

No, he can’t. Guantanamo has to be closed by his successor or will be running forever. His unavailing escalating the war in Afghanistan. The disposition matrix and his drone war which will permanently demolish his image as one who wanted to fight terror with terror. And not at least his relentless prosecution of whistle-blowers. There is no hope for Palestinians as Israel continues unhindered by Obama’s administration its illegal settlements in the West Bank and shells Gaza once again immediately after his re-election. No hope for the Iranian people after dishonest offers in the beginning and as illegal unilateral sanctions are grossly expanded as the result of Iran’s denial to buckle upon categorical demands to abandon its peaceful nuclear program. There seems to be no hope for any of the revolutions in the Arab world.

19 January 2013 @ 8:05 pm.

Last modified January 20, 2013.

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