The Anointed

The messianic demeanor of the presidential hopeful Barack Obama in his “The World that Stands as One” at Berlin’s Victory Column in July 2008 in front of a crowd of 200’000 rejoicing Germans had been criticized both in the US as well as in Europe, even Germany. How can a man who, at that time, had not even a clear program in case of his election, attract and enthuse so many ingenuous citizens of an, admittedly at least allied, foreign country? Is it typical German subservience? It might be not. After his American ta’arouf to the Iranian people on the occasion of Nowruz, his brilliant speeches in Strassburg and Prague, now Ankara.

In fact, Obama finds the right words. This approach lets him succeed even in the extremely difficult task to prevail in the controversial case of the Danish Prime Minister as NATO’s next Secretary General when European leaders in general fail.

I read Obama is going to give a speech in an Islamic capital next (Ankara doesn’t count). Tehran would be impossible. The mullahs would be swept away in minute.

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