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Nuclear Iran

The unclassified part of Director of U.S. National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair’s report for the Senate Select Committee of Intelligence does not present anything new about Iran, nothing which has not been known so far. Of course, it mentions the new enrichment … Continue reading

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“We Were Helping Them to Anticipate and Shape the Future”

Joshua Pollock at ArmsControlWonk.com has pointed today to a lecture by Thomas Fingar, former chairman of the National Intelligence Council, which was given at Stanford University on October 21 where he provides insights as to how the Intelligence Community, by declassifying minor … Continue reading

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IAEA Estimates

Last month, a couple of days before Tehran had to admit the existence of a so far clandestine new nuclear site near Qom, I had expressed my concerns about the release of declassified information on Iran’s controversially disputed nuclear program while, … Continue reading

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Classified and Declassified

On the eve of this year’s visit to New York president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave Ann Curry of NBC a rare interview at his official residence in Tehran. While the interview itself has carelessly been prepared, completely ignoring the mere facts of … Continue reading

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Not Before 2013 – Ever?

In his updated testimony to Congress Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair has now further shifted a possible date as to when Iran may have achieved capabilities of producing highly enriched uranium (HEU) to “not before 2013” (from “between 2010 … Continue reading

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