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An Angry and Uninformed Obama

As Juan Cole has pointed out, President Obama seems not to be aware of the likely real motives of Omar Mateen, who had killed at least 49 guests of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando last weekend, when mentioning “self-radicalization on … Continue reading

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Another detail of Barack Obama’s tiny Orwellian World has been published yesterday by Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Deveraux on The Intercept. A watchlisting guidance for potential informers (NOMINATORS) who ultimately would put the life of their targets (NOMINEES) at risk, … Continue reading

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Problems With Data

General Keith Alexander, retired head of the U.S. American mass surveillance spy organization NSA is trying hard to polish the battered public image of his former agency. He was recently mocked in John Oliver’s debut show Last Week Tonight where … Continue reading

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Absurd Verdict

A federal U.S. district court yesterday ordered, besides al-Qaeda, absurdly also Afghanistan Taliban guerrillas,  Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Iran to pay $6 billion compensation to the 11 September 2001 victims. As plaintiffs in The Havlish v. Iran 2004 lawsuit report the … Continue reading

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