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Problems With Data

General Keith Alexander, retired head of the U.S. American mass surveillance spy organization NSA is trying hard to polish the battered public image of his former agency. He was recently mocked in John Oliver’s debut show Last Week Tonight where … Continue reading

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Friendly Leaks Backfire

Relentless in prosecuting Private Bradley Manning who allegedly leaked (amongst others) hundreds of thousands  of revealing US diplomatic cables in 2009, some of them classified and/or embarrassing, and apparently fighting sort of war against Julian Assange and  WikiLeaks, the platform … Continue reading

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What Else?

WikiLeaks and Julian Assange has been awarded the prestigious Australian 2011 Walkley Award for Most Outstanding Contributions to Journalism. Well done. His acceptance speech and sharp criticism of in particular his Prime Minister Julia Guillard for being Obama’s and his Administration’s poodle … Continue reading

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Fraudulent Reporting

According to official announcements, the incumbent Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had won the election with 62.6% of the votes while his main challenger, former prime minister and reformist Mir Hossein Mousavi, yielded a disappointing 33.8%. The two other candidates, former … Continue reading

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