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Friendly Leaks Backfire

Relentless in prosecuting Private Bradley Manning who allegedly leaked (amongst others) hundreds of thousands  of revealing US diplomatic cables in 2009, some of them classified and/or embarrassing, and apparently fighting sort of war against Julian Assange and  WikiLeaks, the platform … Continue reading

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Stuxnet – Skynet

Not yet. The virus has damaged so far mainly uranium enrichment centrifuges at Natanz  in Iran. Maybe it has delayed the Bushehr nuclear plant going online. No widespread radioactive contamination yet, no airplane crashes. No erroneous firing of missiles, or … Continue reading

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Begging to Be Attacked

See update below. A computer virus (or worm) hits the front pages: Stuxnet. The piece of “hypersophisticated malware” has apparently targeted the Iranian nuclear program; and might have been successful already. The sharp drop in the number of fed, spinning … Continue reading

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