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Good At Killing Normal People

It is said that WikiLeak’s (Chelsey Manning’s) leaked Iraq and Afghanistan War Logs and Diplomatic Cables have embarrassed President Obama who has the unpleasant task to end wars which he has not begun. But the Nobel Peace Prize laureate of … Continue reading

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False Promises

On the eve of the Bradley Manning court martial verdict on charges including “aiding the enemy”, Huffington Post reports that the website Change.gov (“the office of the president-elect”) where the elect president of 2008, Barack Obama, had laid out his … Continue reading

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Friendly Leaks Backfire

Relentless in prosecuting Private Bradley Manning who allegedly leaked (amongst others) hundreds of thousands  of revealing US diplomatic cables in 2009, some of them classified and/or embarrassing, and apparently fighting sort of war against Julian Assange and  WikiLeaks, the platform … Continue reading

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