Mocking the IAEA, ISIS

Well, what’s missing in the latest satellite image of the “suspected high explosives test building” at the military site Parchin east of Tehran is actually a nice bow. The building, now covered with pink material, definitely looks like a gift box for the IAEA and interested western think tanks such as David Albright’s Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS).

Why the main building, in which about ten years ago experiments had allegedly been conducted in a high explosives test chamber (see a picture of a real chamber here) as part of Iran’s then apparently military nuclear program, has now been covered by a flashy plastic foil remains a mystery. What activities do the Iranians want to hide there while everybody is watching?

David Albright’s advice to the IAEA that

“unless Iran demonstrates concretely that it is willing to address these issues [Iran’s refusal of access to the Parchin site and its refusal to discuss any other evidence of weaponization work], the Board should pass a resolution that refers this set of issues to the U.N. Security Council for further action, including the imposition of additional sanctions”

must actually be considered a further exaggeration of his now entirely absurd charade.

Let’s see whether the Iranians will finally grant access to Parchin and what IAEA inspectors will find. If nothing, well, in that case Albright might be wrong when still pretending that the site had been sanitized. He knows (or should know) best that natural or depleted uranium as a substitute for fissile materials cannot be just washed away.

August 24, 2012 @ 19:32

Last update August 24, 2012.

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