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Good At Killing People

The 2009 Peace Nobel Prize laureate, Barack Obama, is said to have told aides, after U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki had been killed in Yemen in an American drone attack, “Turns out I’m really good at killing people,” and “Didn’t know … Continue reading

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False Promises

On the eve of the Bradley Manning court martial verdict on charges including “aiding the enemy”, Huffington Post reports that the website Change.gov (“the office of the president-elect”) where the elect president of 2008, Barack Obama, had laid out his … Continue reading

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“… we must move beyond a mindset of perpetual war”

After five years, President Obama returned to Berlin today and delivered another “historical” speech for about 4000 invited guests and probably millions watching him on TV. A bit boring (since we had already heard Mayor Klaus Wowereit and Chancellor Angela … Continue reading

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Global Assassination Campaign

As Noam Chomsky has described earlier this year President Obama’s drone war on terror in Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Yemen and several other countries as just a “global assassination campaign”, designers at Pitch Interactive have now described every known attack by … Continue reading

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Why Umm Al Melh?

Wired‘s Danger Room’s Noah Shachtman drew last week world-wide attention to an airbase under construction in the Arabian desert Rub’ Al Khali near the border to Yemen. He speculated that this might have been the¬† American drone base from which … Continue reading

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