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No Moral Center

A couple of days before Inauguration Day for Barack Obama’s second term, Noam Chomsky had a damning indictment for the President. As  a “man without a moral center,” he characterized him in an interview with Al Jazeera. Inauguration will be … Continue reading

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Drone Incident November 1

Not only Iranians are concerned about re-elected President Obama’s expanding drone war  in right now five countries. Iran is already a target. In order to get an idea where the American predator drone (fortunately “unarmed”, as CNN broke yesterday after … Continue reading

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Friendly Leaks Backfire

Relentless in prosecuting Private Bradley Manning who allegedly leaked (amongst others) hundreds of thousands  of revealing US diplomatic cables in 2009, some of them classified and/or embarrassing, and apparently fighting sort of war against Julian Assange and  WikiLeaks, the platform … Continue reading

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