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Abstract Art

For some time, the Gonbad-e Qabud in Maraghah in Western Iran has attracted considerable attention. Maraghah is a small city east of Daryacheh Urmiyeh in the East Azerbaijan province of Iran. It lies about 100 km south of Tabriz close … Continue reading

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What Next?

In response to a lawsuit and exactly five years after the Abu Ghuraib prison scandal the Pentagon is now going to release dozens if not hundred of photos which have been taken to document abuse or alleged abuse of terror … Continue reading

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Damage Control

Not entirely unprecedented, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad interfered today with yesterday’s verdict of the Revolutionary Court sending Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi to jail for 8 years for charges of espionage. In his letter to Tehran’s prosecutor he interestingly also mentioned … Continue reading

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Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

It is generally hold that the former Bush administration and its allies had lost the war in Iraq on the day when the pictures from the Abu Ghuraib prison in Baghdad had been aired. It was exactly five years ago: … Continue reading

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Decagonal Tesselations

The Great Seljuq Empire (1037-1194 CE) has been described as a period with stunning scientific and artistic achievements in particular in Iran. Their capital became Esfahan in central Iran under Malikshah I (d. 1092). Among the many Seljuq monuments found … Continue reading

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