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R.D. Parsons’ Rugs

For all who are interested in carpets from Afghanistan, Volume 3 of the Antique Collectors’ Club Oriental Rugs series by R. D. Parsons is a must [1]. Parsons not only displays more than 150 color plates with beautiful examples but … Continue reading

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Sola Tilbake

  Always a big issue, the return of the sun at  69˚40’N 18˚56’E yesterday was celebrated by all international staff with a cacophonia of Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, and English. Berliner Bollen were served and pictures taken of the sun which … Continue reading

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In another pretty provocative (after last month’s demand for ‘bombing Iran’ by Alan J. Kuperman) and, I suppose intentionally meant, alarming New York Times op-ed William J. Broad assumes that, over the years, Iran had largely expanded a tunnel system, thus enabling … Continue reading

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