Martin Luther and Islam


Germany is celebrating 500 years of Reformation of Christianity these days. On 31 October 1517 it is said that monk Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to Wittenberg’s church calling for some change. It was the beginning of the Protestant Church and caused a remarkable amount of schism, strife, and decades of war. Luther’s violent anti-semitism (now euphemized as anti-Judaism) had even repercussions in the 20th century, culminating in the Nazi’s Endlösung der Judenfrage when the majority of Germans, being  Protestants (but Catholics were callous as well), kept silent amidst the most horrendous genocide in history, the holocaust.

Some question whether Islam does need sort of “Reformation” as well. Those who ask are generally unaware that an age of science and enlightenment happened in Muslim-reigned countries 600 years before Renaissance in Europe. Without Islam’s Golden Age, European enlightenment would simply not have possible.

Now, Martin Luther’s merits include not only Reformation of  rotten Christianity. When translating the Hebrew text of the Tanakh and the Greek Gospels, he would ultimately enable the illiterate crowds to follow the myths and mysteries of church messes and better reflect on what they actually had to believe. Superstition was at work anyway. The Holy Scripture could now be read in German language, and the creation of that particular language resulted in the perception of a nation. And, Johannes Gutenberg had re-invented movable type printing around 1450 in Europe (after the Chinese had invented it in the 11th century), so dispersion of the Word of God was granted.

Apart from his obnoxious anti-Semitism, what did Luther think about Islam? In 1529, Vienna was besieged by the Turks for the first time. It was the maximum expansion of the Ottoman Empire in Central Europe. Turks ruled over much of the Balkans for more than 150 years thereafter.

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Don’t Come Back to Afghanistan

One is well-advised to watch the above propaganda video of the Haqqani network about Sgt Bowe Berdahl’s release in 2014 after five years in captivity of the Taliban. Then president Barack Obama had closed a deal where five Taliban inmates of Guantanamo Bay were released in exchange.

I had been reminded of the fates of journalist Daniel Pearl (beheaded on camera on 1 February 2002, allegedly by the Kuwaiti mastermind of the al-Qaida 9-11 attack, Khalid Sheik Mohammed) and Nick Berg (beheaded on camera on 7 May 2004 in response to the release of torture pictures at Abu Ghuraib, Baghdad; allegedly killed by Jordanian Jihadist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi). See Bowe Bergdahl’s face expression when being cautioned, never come back!

Bowe Bergdahl was yesterday spared prison time and sentenced to paying a fine of $10,000. His rank will be degraded to private and he will get an dishonorable discharge.

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Climate Change is a Fact


That the currently observed climate change is man-made is still disputed, in particular by president Trump who calls global warming “weather.” Scientists are not denying that Earth is undergoing glacial periods for billions of years, and the development and spread of hominins had been related to the interglacial period after the previous ice age. But now, all is accelerating. The picture above shows how much the Arctic, where I’m presently living, has changed. Temperatures in Svalbard last year had been way above average throughout, most of the time by more 6 degrees Celsius.

But most of what is going on on this planet is actually man-made. For instance, mass-extinction of species, the sixth wave in the past half billion years, is a phenomenon which must be directly related to Homo sapiens and his desperate attempts (misled by an alleged command of a non-existing divine power) to

[b]e fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. (Genesis 1:28.)

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Stürmer – Jude – Muslim

Sayfullo Saipov(1)

Tuesday’s New York truck terror attack suspect is reportedly a 29-yr-old Usbek named Sayfullo Saipov. According to investigating authorities he had been planning the attack for a year.

Sayfullo Saipov

While president Trump has called him an animal and called for his execution, pictures appear which remind me of the German Nazi filth tabloid Der Stürmer.

Stürmer Jude.jpg

Trump has not called Stephen Paddock an animal, the shooter in the Las Vegas massacre of 1 October 2017 killing 58. He didn’t want to talk about gun laws then but want to amend immigration regulations now. “We’re going to get rid of this lottery program as soon as possible,” Trump said.

2 November 2017 @ 6:10 pm.

Last modified November 2, 2017.


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He Broke the Law

UPDATE 3 November 2017

When Peace Nobel Prize laureate, law professor and then president of the United States Barack Obama made this statement in 2011 at a fundraiser in San Francisco, he was not conscious that his casual conversation was caught on camera. It did not go immediately viral but was an embarrassment, for sure. It was about Chelsea Manning who had just been relocated from the Marine Corps base in Quantico to another prison facility at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas. Manning was still waiting for her trial for leaking hundred of thousands classified documents to WikiLeaks, and the president and commander in chief uttered his personal opinion about her. Manning’s sentence to 35 years in military prison was commuted by Obama as his last act in office.

Today, Obama’s successor in the White House prejudged the suspect of Tuesday’s New York terror attack and called for his transfer to Gitmo and execution.



Regarding Sgt Bowe Bergdahl, who deserted his outpost in Afghanistan in 2009 and was immediately abducted by Taliban insurgents who kept him partly in a cage and tortured him until, in 2014, he was released in a controversially discussed prisoner swap in exchange of five Taliban Gitmo inmates, Donald Trump is of the opinion that he is a “dirty rotten traitor” and should be executed.

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