Judas’ Kiss


On yesterday’s Good Friday, I stumbled across Ukrainian Artist Andriy Dutka’s almost iconic “Judas’ Kiss” of 1990. It can be viewed at Wurzburg’s “Museum am Dom”.

When earnestly considering Judas’ role in the Gospel, his betrayal and kiss were undoubtedly necessary for the redeemer in order to accomplish His mandate as savior of the whole humankind, there should be no room for anti-Semitism. But that is very much apparent in Dutka’s work. While Jesus’ outline is clear, that of Judas becomes indistinct. He is painted cattish, amorphic, false. He represents what Christians have always thought about Jews: the stereotype of the Wandering Jew, which ultimately led to the Holocaust in the 20th century.

See also on this blog: Najasat-e Ahl-e Kitab, a book review on Daniel Tsadik’s account of anti-Semitism in 19th century Shi’a Iran.

Last update April 3, 2010

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