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On the Road

  U.S. House Resolution 1553, to which about one third of House Republicans have signed on, would in fact give Israel a green light for striking Iran’s nuclear facilities. Repeating ad nauseam perceived threats by Iran and, in particular its … Continue reading

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The Midnight Sun

At 69˚40’N 18˚56’E, the midnight sun occurs, in theory, between May 18 and July 26. However, the mountainous landscape may block it for a couple of days. Effectively, sun is not setting between May 21 and July 21. So, tomorrow, there … Continue reading

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Defected, Abducted

Shahram Amiri, the 31-year old low-level nuclear scientist who had been working at Malek Ashtar University in Tehran, who had disappeared in April on June 3 last year in Madinah while performing umrah, or lesser pilgrimage, and who recently escaped his … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Proof

  Paul, the psychic octopus, has correctly predicted the results of all seven German games in the FIFA World Cup. And now he has decided that Spain will win over The Netherlands tonight and become World Champion. Thanks to that … Continue reading

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The Revenge Effect

In a previous post, I have featured a widely published diagram which had obviously been created for enlightening its attentive viewers in the incredibly complicated situation in the war on terror in Afghanistan 9 years after 9/11. I have referred … Continue reading

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