Stratfor’s Global Intelligence

Today, WikiLeaks yielded again. On 24 December 2011, members of anarchic group Anonymous had reportedly hacked the Texan company STRATFOR Global Intelligence’s server and stolen emails and credit card data. Emails will now be visible on WikiLeaks’ web site. WikiLeaks promises to publish about five million emails from between July 2004 until late December 2011. Stratfor, founded by George Friedman who abruptly resigned last night after the leak (ironically, his resignation email was immediately leaked as well), is specialized as an “intelligence publisher” which is said to have close connections to the US government, even Israel’s Mossad. WikiLeaks collaborates again with a number of media outlets, not the biggest ones this time.

A quick look at today’s release revealed the following of 14 November 2011, about the first of recent blasts in several of Iran’s military and nuclear facilities. On that day, as reported by an Iranian spokesman, 17 revolutionary guards had been killed “in an accident”.

That Israel’s Mossad might be involved in these, well, probably terror attacks has been widely discussed but Stratfor may know more.   I expect there will be a lot of attention for WikiLeaks and his founder Julian Assange in the coming weeks.

Last modified February 27, 2012.

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