Unquenched Lust to Kill

U.S. investigators of the March 11 Kandahar massacre officially believe that Staff Sgt Robert Bales went out alone for the massacres in two villages in the Panjwai district of Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan, one north (Najeeban) of the Camp Belambai and one south (Alkozai).

The numbers of dead civilians now differ. While Bales is charged in the US of killing 17, Afghan sources still mention 16. An additional six were wounded. Corpses were partially burnt. According to the official U.S American version, Bales split the killing spree, first murdering eleven members of one family then returning to the camp then hurrying to the other village where he eventually quenched his blood thirst.

Blood money has already been paid, $46,000 for each dead, $10,000 for each wounded according to the BBC.  In sharp contrast, the German Armed Forces had paid $ 5000 to the families of 102 killed or injured civilians one year after the 4 September 2009 Kunduz airstrike on two fuel tankers but then having had emphasized that it was not meant as compensation.

Last modified March 25, 2012.

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