Obama’s Tears

My thoughts these days are with the parents and victims of last week’s carnage in Newtown, CT. These shooting sprees have conspicuously amassed in recent years in the U.S. and no wonder that apologetic supporters of America’s Second Amendment to its Constitution, which reads,

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed,”

often seem to refer to 9/11 as the beginning of the nation’s militarization. After a decade at “war against terror”, which has long become an endless Global War on Terror, a completely militarized society frantically endorsing military involvement on most continents, the sole superpower after the fall of the Soviet Union has become a menace to everyone. A nation which apparently tolerates torture of its captured enemies. With a Commander-in Chief and Nobel Peace laureate with a personal kill list.   With a President challenging its Constitution’s First Amendment by relentlessly prosecuting alleged whistle-blower Bradley Manning who celebrates today his 25th birthday under arrest for 900 plus days. At times kept in a cage or nude like an animal.  “He broke the law”, the Commander-in-Chief  had already decided in public. One wonders whether Obama has anything but a gut feeling of what is actually important in the 21st century, America’s First or Second Amendment to its Constitution.

President Obama did not shed tears, at least not in public, when Staff Sergeant Robert Bales killed nine children and seven adults in a killing spree in March this year in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province. These children were beautiful, too. As was reported, “blood money” had been paid to parents. Beautiful children were also among those thousands killed in drone attacks in Afghanistan, and Pakistan ordered by President Obama. Did he shed tears when he had heard about that?

17 December 2012 @ 7:27 pm.

Last modified December 17, 2012.

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1 Response to Obama’s Tears

  1. forlibertysake says:

    Thank you for bringing light to a tough subject in America. I like how you bring into focus how when these things happen else where its not thought of the same. I caught some flak for bringing up such a point in my original post on the tragedy in Connecticut and how it was already being politicized around gun control.


    I also just finished my post related to a proper understanding of gun control, the 2nd amendment, and right wing extremism as it relates to the Constitution and liberty.


    Thanks for your insights. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you may be able to give.

    For Liberty Sake!


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