Fair Game

When women in Saudia Arabia today want to participate in another mass driving protest and the autocratic government warns them to do so there might be a grave misconception about the background. This is not a laughable matter. Twenty-first century medieval society in Saudi Arabia pretends cultural consensus about females who are second class citizens, incapable of self-determination, and in need for protection of father, husband or brother. Protection from what? Well, that society (in accord with many Muslim and other societies) gives men the right to rape molest self-determined “unprotected” women. The problem is not only that of a basically male (or boys’) society. Boys and girls are both nurtured by mothers and grandmothers who seem to agree with the respective gender-specific demeanor.

Saudi Arabia, still the strongest ally of the West in the Middle East, has recently rejected a non-permanent seat in the United Nations’ Security Council. With its disastrous human right record, Saudi Arabia should never had been offered the seat. After having spend a lot of money and time to finally join the UNSC it is said that the Saudi princes were angered over Barack Obama’s shying away from bombing Damascus and his overture toward Iran. Saudi Arabia is sponsoring terrorist Islamist opposition groups in Syria and would likely align itself with Israel to rather bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Iran’s presstv channel, which is not really a trustworthy news agency, derisively reports on “law” enforcement in Saudi Arabia (which does not even exist in the kingdom).

Several women said they had received threatening telephone calls from the Interior Ministry asking them not to drive on Saturday.

Ministry spokesman General Mansur al-Turki also said that ‘it is known that women in Saudi are banned from driving and laws will be applied against violators and those who demonstrate in support’ of this cause.

Saudi officials also warned online activists against supporting the planned protest challenging the kingdom’s male-only driving rules.

The cyber-dissident law ‘will be applied against violators’ while other measures will be taken against ‘those who gather to support’ the planned protest, the ministry said on Friday.”

A pariah state hopeful of being welcomed back in the league of nations soon makes fun of another rogue state.

26 October 2013 @ 9:58 am.

Last modified December 19, 2013.

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