Journalism is About Telling Stories That Make a Difference?

E-bay founder, billionaire and philantropist Pierre Omidyar’s new enterprise First Look Media has been described in a short video clip and one wonders what is so new that dedicated investigative individuals like Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, Laura Poitras or New York University professor Jay Rosen want to join. After all, the project looks quite big with “multiple digital publications”, a “flagship site covering news in politics, entertainment and sports”, “digital magazines” with its own “look and feel”. That it wants to bring back to journalism what has been lost? That writers, reporters and producers work together with visual designers, fact checkers and editors is something any serious media outlet is doing? For instance, when it comes to former blogger, now journalist, Glenn Grennwald, isn’t it about responsibilities of content? I doubt whether Greenwald, who has made clear both at and The Guardian that he alone decides what he was going to blog, fast and as far as we know, well-investigated, would accept the production of “powerful stories presented in compelling packages.” Freedom to travel, legal protection and new and innovative technology, is that a new concept? Legal protection by The Guardian has not prevented Glenn Greenwald from getting stuck in Brazil.

In fact, Journalism is more than telling stories. In democracies, it is the fourth estate. Uncovering and criticizing what governments do and what they are not supposed to do.  “Telling stories that make a difference” is not enough.

28 January 2014 @ 7:35 pm.
Last modified January 28, 2014.
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