Razing the Ghetto Postponed

Warsaw UprisingTwo years ago, I had expected that the IDF would raze the Gaza ghetto but they didn’t. Today’s pictures of what the IDF has done in Sheja’iya recall those of what Nazi Germany did after the Warsaw uprising exactly 70 years ago when hundreds of thousands had been killed in about two months. I know well that respective comparisons are basically inappropriate (they insult the 1944 victims, not contemporary Jews), but targeted attacks of hospitals and UN shelters with (by today) more than 1000 killed Palestinians, mostly civilians and 24% children and hundreds of thousands Gazans displaced or homeless in a relentless assault on helpless people who cannot evade is in fact state terrorism and must not be dismissed with a shrug.

Seventy years ago, George Orwell wrote an article criticizing the indifference of British press as regards the Warsaw uprising.

26 July 2014 @ 8:43 pm.
Last modified July 29, 2014.
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