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The Great American Eclipse

And here’s how it looked from Space. See further clips in this article. 22 August 2017 @ 11:52 am Last modified August 2017.

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When the Deep State Denied Climate Change Denial

When a draft version of the recent National Climate Assessment had been published in a non-profit internet digital library in January, people did not pay too much attention. That changed when president Donald Trump pulled out from the Paris Climate … Continue reading

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Celestial Bodies

The upcoming total solar eclipse in the United States may be seen by millions of people. It’ll be a most memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience, in a way almost mystical. I remember the sad feelings I had when clouds prevented hundreds of … Continue reading

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As Donald Trump Likes to Characterize His Fired Underlings As Grandstanders

Former FBI director James Comey had been characterized as a “showboat” and  “grandstander” after having been fired by Donald Trump and so were now three CEOs who rather voluntarily resigned from his “manufacturing council” after Trumps infamous response to the … Continue reading

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The Burden of the Office

An ever changing appearance of POTUS’ Twitter account. A seemingly hard working president is surrounded by his loyal generals. Facial expressions of American presidents change over time. Even Barack Obama turned grey in 8 years. Mr. Trump now sports a … Continue reading

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