So, Are You Going to Be Investing in the US?


Trump speaks with leaders from Adidas, Nokia and Volvo at Davos from CNBC.

The above took place yesterday in Davos, Switzerland, on the verge of the World Economic Forum annual meeting. President Trump meets apparently his colleagues. His inquisitorial attitude clearly indicates who’s the boss.

One has to realize that these extremely submissive people, who were asked whether they properly do invest in the US, each lead companies with thousands if not hundreds of thousands of employees.

It wasn’t clear in what president Trump was actually interested. A joke about Bayer’s Aspirin, another on “competing”, in the US, business by French oil and gas giant Total, a company Trump obviously had hardly heard of. “And we’ll rebuild that business, the whole thing is gonna rebuild now, the solar panels,” Trump responded when the Total CEO dared to mention that his company was investing in solar energy in California.

The above short video clip squarely resembles Trump’s bizarre cabinet meeting of June 2017 when he expected, or rather encouraged, his administration to publicly praise his leadership.

Trump is scheduled to speak at the WEF today at 2 pm local time.

26 January 2018 @ 11:03 am.

Last modified January 26, 2018.

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