Nature vs. God


When discussing the current Corona virus pandemic with a friend, he mentioned some apocalyptic ideas about God’s wrath. I replied that it is actually Mother Nature who strikes back. Evolution is the concept at work these days.

Homo sapiens (I falter when writing the accepted species name, but am rather tempted to put stupidus instead) has largely excluded themselves from evolution in recent centuries, so a correction was overdue. Just before the planet was destroyed by mass extinction of species, mass pollution with plastic, mass murder with endless wars and, not at least, catastrophic global heating.

There is no God. As centuries of thinkers tried to find proof for the existence of God (Gottesbeweis), it is much more tempting thinking about proof for non-existence of a transcendent God, who created Man (Homo stupidus) after His image. Homo, the second-most stupid creature after the Ebola virus! Remember, the Ebola virus is killing everybody, immediately; and thus removes its entire basis for reproduction.

Imagine how smart rhinoviruses are! They do not kill but have managed, during evolution, to make their hosts sneeze and get running noses, so can spread and flourish. They can also mutate to ever increasing variants, so no vaccine made by Homo stupidus could ever limit their reproduction, season after season.

Sars-CoV-2 is a different story. It doesn’t kill like Ebola but is much more contagious. It leads to overwhelmed health care systems, so people indirectly die of lack of care.

Seems so as if the Corona virus is quite smart. It will stop unhinged capitalism. Global warming will come to an end, at least for some time. Homo stupidus may become part of the evolution again. The old and unfit, wealthy and spoiled, will die and die quickly.

So, one may use the current crisis as proof that God doesn’t exist but Nature and her evolution does.

2 April 2020 @ 08:06 pm.

Last modified April 2, 2020.


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